Summer 2016

I've been away from the conference circuit for a while, as I've been very busy with client work, helping with various embedded OS and kernel projects. Some are applications of Pragmatux, some of Yocto, and some of pure Android.

Embedded Systems Conference at EELive! 2014

Bill Gatliff, Mike Anderson, and I again taught a two-day, hands-on class about using Android either as part of the OS of an embedded system or as an external interface to an existing embedded system. If you want a copy of the presentations and code, and you were registered for the class, please request them from me via e-mail.

As in years past, I gave my Linux 101 talk, So you want to use Linux.

Newly this year, I presented a tear-down of the Pragmatux+Android OS I ported to the Nexus 7 for use in the two-day Android class. The talk was called Running Android atop a proper embedded Linux.

Embedded Systems Conference at DESIGN West 2013

Bill Gatliff, Mike Anderson, and I taught for two days on Android and how embedded developers might use it. The course was attended by over 100 people, and included lab exercises on the Nexus 7. If you were in attendance, I can send you slides upon request.

Separately, I gave a talk entitled Embedded Android? Not So Fast! in which I offered my contribution to the conversation about whether we should start using Android as the operating system in our embedded devices.

I also reran my introduction to Linux in embedded devices for those contemplating their first project —So you want to use Linux?

LinuxCon Europe 2012

In Barcelona, Spain, I talked about using Pragmatux on DragonBoard™ development kits, and creating systems running a hybrid of Android and a more traditional embedded Linux distribution like Pragmatux.

Embedded Systems Conference at DESIGN East 2012

I presented at the Embedded Systems Conference at DESIGN East in Boston. Download the slides from my talks: So you want to use Linux? and Using Debian in Embedded Systems.

In addition to my own talks, I gave a sponsored presentation for Qualcomm on their expansion into the embedded market with Snapdragon™ processors and DragonBoard™ development kits. It also introduced my embedded operating system distribution Pragmatux as the OS with which DragonBoard™ ships.

Finally, I co-presented Android Jumpstart and the Android Jumpstart Hands-On together with Bill Gatliff. I'll link to those slides once they're available.

LinuxCon North America 2012

You might have seen me at LinuxCon North America 2012. I presented a session entitled Getting Started with DragonBoard™ for Embedded Development on behalf of Qualcomm.

Uplinq 2012

At Qualcomm's Uplinq conference in San Diego, CA, I spoke to leaders in the handset hardware ecosystem about the necessity of supplying good Linux device drivers to realize the full potential of their hardware designs. My experiences on platform-integration teams at handset OEMs lent a unique perspective to the discussion.

Private Training at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan

At this year's Computex exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, Bill Gatliff and I tag-teamed to give a private, three-day training class on Linux driver development to makers of peripheral components and displays used in Android handsets. In addition to the usual topics, we discussed aggressive power management techniques and how to apply Linux's device model correctly in complicated circuit topologies. I can't share these slides unless you were in attendance, but if you're interested in similar training, please contact me.